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Review and access the interactive, web-based trainings below to better understand key concepts and practices for applying and operationalizing HHS emPOWER Program data and tools. These trainings contain important information and best practices that can help partners and communities work together to protect the health of at-risk individuals with access and functional needs prior to, during, and after a disaster.

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List of Trainings

Name of Training Description Job Aid Links
HHS emPOWER Program Web-Based Training The HHS emPOWER Program Web-Based Training is a free, publicly accessible course designed to help partners better understand the HHS emPOWER Program and integrate its tools into their emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities. HHS emPOWER Web-Based Training Job Aid
Replacing Durable Medical Equipment & Prescription Drugs after a Disaster: Addressing the Needs of Medicare Beneficiaries This training provides information on replacing durable medical equipment, and prescription drugs that may be lost or damaged due to an emergency. The information provided is for assisting survivors to reconnect with their health care so that they can begin the recovery process. This training provides information on Original Medicare (also called fee-for-service Medicare), Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug Plan programs. Additional resources and contact information are provided for assisting survivors. Training Content Guide
DME Customer Support Tool
DME Resource Guide for Beneficiaries
HHS/ ASPR: Access and Functional Needs The HHS/ASPR Access and Functional Needs (AFN) web-based training defines the concept and requirements for addressing the AFN of at-risk individuals, and provides tools and resources to help you address (AFN) of at-risk individuals in your community during disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Access and Functional Needs Web-Based Training Fact Sheet
HHS/ASPR: Addressing the Needs of Older Adults in Disasters The HHS ASPR Addressing the Needs of Older Adults in Disasters Web-Based Training is designed to improve public health and emergency medical responders’ capability to address the access and functional needs of community-dwelling older adults in common disaster situations, including infectious disease outbreaks. Addressing the Needs of Older Adults in Emergencies Fact Sheet